LADIES - biggest age difference OLDER  

hornynicky01 39F
38 posts
9/11/2017 3:31 am
LADIES - biggest age difference OLDER

LADIES - what is the biggest age difference with someone you had sex with who was OLDER than you?

You can include details such as how old you were at the time or how it came about below if you like.

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NastyTsosie 23M
6 posts
9/24/2017 1:07 am

I always love fucking ladies that older than me... We at least ten years at least.. but sum reasons I can't keep away from them

nofearatallm8 40M
36 posts
9/23/2017 4:06 pm

i like fucking all women

nicely2015 65M
17 posts
9/22/2017 10:05 pm

Im 78 my GF is 53 It works for us

married4friends2 53M
10 posts
9/21/2017 10:03 am

I prefer older women, from ages 55-65, I am 53.have been with a couple women 9 years older than me-I wanna learn not teach-lol

trisha_ann_glynn 45T
1939 posts
9/17/2017 8:54 pm

Thanks to the modern miracle of performance enhancing drugs; there was a man of 61 that gave me a "good" solid stiff fucking when I was 26.
Sadly, although attractive, and financially quite stable...he was married. Just could not get the "frequency" or he wanted at home.

ProfessorNaught 104M
851 posts
9/16/2017 8:37 am

Age differences isn't about how many years as most believe. Anyone can fuck like animals where age isn't an issue - even with animals. The successful rare occasions (outside fantasy's) are based on intellectual and communication matching where even differences in interest and knowledge is less of an issue when the two possess an ability to communicate. It is the absence of this that's usually the concern for the more mature individual (men and women) and as as people mature. But make no mistake, 20 or 30 is not the line, there are plenty over 40 and 50 who never did how to learn communicate and for this have much less knowledge and interest beyond their own little worlds of chaos. Which one are you Nicky?

hornynicky01 39F
3 posts
9/11/2017 4:08 am

When I was 21 and about to finish uni I had sex with one of my lecturers. He was 36 or 37 at the time, and was relatively tall and handsome with sexy stubble (although my tastes have changed and I wouldn't fancy him much now). A few of my friends had talked about liking him, and at an end of course party in a pub we all tried to flirt with him. Somehow or other I ended up in a corner making out with him. The party moved back to my student house, and to my surprise my lecturer came along. After a few minutes he asked to see my room - I knew exactly what he meant, and happily took him up there - and then he was feeling me up and before I knew it I was naked on the bed with him on top of me. We were both quite drunk, but it was pretty hot, especially with lots of other people in the house at the time. He fucked me doggy style too, and we ended up first halfway off the bed with my hands on the floor, and eventually fully on the floor as he fucked me so hard. He came in me (in a condom) while fucking me from behind on the floor.

He left shortly after and I never saw him again. A couple of times in the next week I nearly plucked up the courage to call his office (I had a fantasy of him actually fucking me in his office as a punishment or something) but I never did.

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