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Posted:Jul 18, 2017 10:05 pm
Last Updated:Jul 20, 2017 12:06 pm

The stuggle is real for standard members. I'm not going back to gold so if you always wanted to tell me something put it here.
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When masturbation has lost its fun you're fucking breaking
Posted:Nov 17, 2017 2:45 am
Last Updated:Nov 19, 2017 1:36 am

Have you ever heard a song and thought to yourself "Oh My God!!! This is the best song ever" But after hearing it over and over and over thought "Oh My God!!! If I hear that song ONE more time, Everybody dies. I'm going to kill myself, the cats, the children, all wild life and vegetation within my vicinity...everybody dies!" Well that's how I feel about masturbation.

I think I've jerked off every way possible. Except for fucking a fruit. I grew up broke and that just seems like a waste of money and food. You don't waste food. Starving Africans would love to have the food I'm putting my dick in. Other than that I've done every conceivable way possible to rub one out. I've taken time off and absence doesn't make the hard on fonder. It's like seeing a old friend that owes you money. Awkward with a tinge of resentment. Don't get me wrong it still feels good but it's basic maintenence at this point. I don't enjoy it. My jack session is less aromatherapy candles with Sadé's smooth operator playing in the background while I enjoy some "me time" and more attempting to quickly finnish while trying to figure out if the women getting gang banged has a C section scar or if it's bad lighting so I can stop the annoying feeling of being horny.

There's really no way of spicing up masturbation for guys. Except with toys like a fleshlight which are expensive and don't make the experience better. Well they don't for me but some guys swear by them. Maybe it's because I'm multi orgasmic and I don't have one giant orgasm or maybe it's because I'm not getting turned on enough because of the repetition of 20 plus years of masturbation being my only sexual release but this is not fun.
Why are Disney guy's so terrible?
Posted:Nov 16, 2017 5:27 am
Last Updated:Nov 16, 2017 10:10 pm

Hell hath no fury like a Disney fan scorned but I know I'm right on this one. It's obvious that most Disney's leading follow a pattern of a terrible people who meet girl she brings out his inner goodness and they get together. There is a blaring lack of good guys in Disney movies. And if they're not a bad boy they usually don't get the girl.

If you look a it there have only been 13 leading male characters that were good decent guys. And by good decent male characters I mean that they don't have a obviously problematic personality flaw, make honorable decisions and are generally kind human beings.The guys are Mike and Sully from monsters inc., Pongo from 101 dalmatians, Hercules from Hercules, Bernard from the rescuers, Woody from toy story, Simba from the lion king, Kristof from frozen, Li Shang from Mulan, Quasimodo from the hunchback of Notre Dame, Marlin from finding Nemo, Flik from a bug's life Tarzan from Tarzan.

Mike and Sully did not have a romantic story line. In fact being a good friend to Sully almost lead to the end of Mike's relationship. Marlin got no action, Neither did Flik, Pongo didn't have a romantic storyline but remained a devoted partner no matter the situation. Woody did not have a romantic storyline either but did have a flirtatious relationship with Bo. Bernard another non romantic storyline I'm the first movie but married the girl in the second movie which came out of nowhere because there was no romantic undertones in the first movie. That only leaves 6 good guys with a chance at a loving relationship. Simba got the girl, Quasimodo didn't even get a date, Kristof got a date and a kiss, Li Shang I think got a date? There was no formal acknowledgement but it is implied. Tarzan got the girl, So did Hercules but Meg did set him up to be murdered after he saved her from a monster. You got to forgive I guess?

Compare that success rate to the Disney Prince's. Going back to the beginning. They were all handsome, brave and shallow. The only reason Prince Phillip wanted Snow Aurora was because she was the fairest of them all. This goes from Prince Florian in snow white to Prince Charming in Cinderella, Prince Phillip and finally ended after Prince Eric in the little mermaid. Who by the way was first seen partying on a military ship. Which means he was at least of military age of 21.That would be fine if Ariel hadn't just turned 16.

After that era ended a new one started with Aladdin who was the first of the assholes with the heart of gold. Aladdin is selfish, manipulative, a chronic liar and a theft. Prince Adam aka the beast was next with his explosive temper and violent out busts who kidnaps a women and her father. Belle is a garbage human being too but that's a different subject. Then there John Smith from pocahontas, he is a tricky one because he did start off racist by singing about killing Ingens. His words not mine and he kind of got the girl but not really so it's a wash. The era of the asshole with a heart of gold ends with Flynn Ryder from tangled. She Aladdin. Then comes that are of selfish guys like Mr. Incredible from the Incredibles, Lightning McQueen from cars, Ralph from wreck it Ralph, and the king of all of them Prince Naveem from the princess and the frog We are now in the era of girl power where the guy is non existent like in Moana and Brave, or inside out totally. Which is fine. Not all movies need a romantic storyline but there seems to be an real lack of male/ female romantic relationships in Disney movies.

I know I'm missing a lot of characters so I'm just going to throw some out their. Robin hood, see Aladdin. Peter Pan, selfish and violent. Remini, Arrogant and selfish. Ok I'm done messing with our Disney overlords.
Are men better a spotting assholes or are women willing to take the risk?
Posted:Nov 13, 2017 9:27 pm
Last Updated:Nov 19, 2017 1:38 am

So I have this female friend who is breaking up with her husband of a year and a half because he cheated and they have only been a couple for 3 years. It's not the first time he cheated but he seems to be on his way out this time...Maybe. Here's the thing about this guy...He's a giant penis. Just a Huge Dick! He treats people like their beneath him and is verbally abusive to everyone and is so inflexible that if everything doesn't go exactly how he wants it when he wants it he will start a fight with anyone who is around. Either his wife or a waiter or a coworker. I've almost came to blows with him on two different occasions. But even back when we first met him and he was on his best behavior all of the ladies thought he was charming, handsome, a real catch. While all the guys had a weird feeling about him. Like something was off about him. And we told her to watch this dude but she ignored us and jumped head first in this relationship without a second thought.

I wonder if it's a lack of seeing the red flags or if women are hopeful that they can change a asshole into a devoted partner through the power of their love like a Disney movie (More on that subject in a different post...Spolier, Most Disney leading men are garage human beings). Or maybe it's a combination of the two. I have no idea what goes through the female brain. Or maybe it's a possibility that guy have a better radar for spotting assholes. Because every male you meet as a guy you size him up. Friend or Foe, If you can't read a guy you put up your defenses and and investigate and if he then gives you friendly signs you adjust. So guys have a huge backlog of data when it comes to judging other guys. So if a guy is giving of friend vibe but it's not adding up to all the experiences of friendly behavior from your backlog your defenses go up. Something's not adding up, I don't trust this guy. Or it just could be a dumb idea.
Squirt experiment for the ladies
Posted:Nov 8, 2017 4:47 am
Last Updated:Nov 19, 2017 1:39 am

Let's talk about squirting. If you're not familiar it's when fluid comes out of a woman's vagina when she comes and no one knows what it is and how it works. There's are two camps the "It's pee" camp and the "Female ejaculation" camp. The pee camp says look It's almost exactly the same composition of pee. IT'S FUCKING PEE! The female ejaculation camp responds with "We asked women to pee then used ultrasound to check if it was gone."IT'S NOT FUCKING PEE!" Either way squirting is kind of seen as a thing that only a few women can do whether they like it or not but what if it took a little bit of work but most women could do it?

I have this theory that squirting comes from the skene's gland...well it's not an original theory it's been theorized before because we know that the skene's gland produces fluid that pushes into the urethra and it has the ability to produce a lot of fluid. My original thought is that the location of the clit is what makes squirting seem rare. The clit isn't just a little nub that you rub to get off. There is an entire network that can be stimulated as far back as the anus depending on the individual women's clitoral network size. My theory is that women who can squirt have a part of their cLet's talk about squirting. If you're not familiar it's when fluid comes out of a woman's vagina when she comes and no one knows what it is and how it works. There's are two camps the "It's pee" camp and the "Female ejaculation" camp. The pee camp says look It's almost exactly the same composition of pee. IT'S FUCKING PEE! The female ejaculation camp responds with "We asked women to pee then used ultrasound to check if it was gone."IT'S NOT FUCKING PEE!" Either way squirting is kind of seen as a thing that only a few women can do whether they like it or not but what if it took a little bit of work but most women could do it?

I have this theory that squirting comes from the skene's gland...well it's not an original theory it's been theorized before because we know that the skene's gland produces fluid that pushes into the urethra and it has the ability to produce a lot of fluid. My original thought is that the location of the clit is what makes squirting seem rare. The clit isn't just a little nub that you rub to get off. There is an entire network that can be stimulated as far back as the anus depending on the individual women's clitoral network size. My theory is that women who can squirt have a part of their clitoral network close to the skene's gland. Enough to directly or indirectly stimulate the gland causing it to do what it does. Filing the urethra with fluid and having the orgasm push the fluid out. If my theory is right then that means that most women can squirt if they stimulate their clit and the skene's gland.

Ladies, I need your help. I need to test this theory but I'm ill-equipped. I don't have a skene's gland or a clitoral network nor do I know anyone who will let me experiment on them. So I need you to donate an orgasm for science. Stimulate your skene's gland and clit and get back to me. If you squirt then I maybe on to something. If it can be repeated then have cracked the squirting mystery.

Now the fun part. For those who would like to take part in this experiment. You will need a vibrator, lubrication, a positive attitude and or a partner. First get turned on. So do what you need to. Once turned on start to use the vibrator on the clit. Once you're about 60-70% close to orgasm use your fingers or your partner's fingers to stimulate the skene's gland by putting two fingers inside and pulling up firmly in a pulsing rhythm. Try to keep the rhythm while pulsing and keep the vibe on the clit until you cum. You should squirt if I'm right.
Done with sex research
Posted:Nov 5, 2017 3:59 am
Last Updated:Nov 7, 2017 10:28 pm

I channel my sexual energy into researching and learning about sexual techniques. It's not the most effective way of dealing with sexual frustration but it works for me...Well it use too. I've seem to have found the limit of knowledge. There are only so many erogenous zones and ways to stimulate them that work for generally speaking for all women. I have reached as far as I can with general knowledge and the only thing left is to find out what works on a specific individual and considering my tract record that's going to be impossible.

I realized that I didn't have anything new to learn after watching 3 straight videos on how to each pussy and I actually knew everything they were going to say before they said it and I noticed how they could impove their techniques. Like when they used their fingers I noticed that they didn't press down or didn't use the "come hither" motion when going for good spot stimulation making it harder for the women to have a combo orgasm.

It was a sad realization but what do I do with all this useless knowledge?
I have so many questions for women on this site
Posted:Nov 5, 2017 3:14 am
Last Updated:Nov 19, 2017 1:37 am

I think it's safe to say that everyone joined this site for sexual experiences and there's more men on this site because it's harder for us to find a partner and we have much higher sex drives than the average women. But I don't understand why straight women are on this site the more I think about it. Other than the opportunity to explore a bi sexual experience or meet a new sexual partner outside of their normal social circle why are women here and why do women stay? I guess the big question is what are they looking for?

Are they all looking for the prince charming in the jizz covered haystack? Or a good fuck with good guy? And what do they consider a good guy? Also with the overwhelming majority being male are they picky because they have so many more options than then men on this site or I'm I just so damn unattractive that I don't get invited to the fuckfest? So many questions that I will never get the answers to.
Pussy the part time job
Posted:Nov 5, 2017 2:27 am
Last Updated:Nov 5, 2017 2:31 am

I don't think people realize how much time and guy spends trying to get into a woman's pants. I didn't realize until I did the math of the how many hours I'd spent chatting with women, writing messages on online dating sites and generally doing shit I don't want to do in order to get a women's attention. It's staggering how much time you devote.

I recently went back to the 5th circle of hell called online dating. Namely ok cupid. And I would spend two hours writing messages to the fairer sex and of course getting no replies because I'm a 6 with bad stats of course I wasn't able to get any responses. Even with my "system" which is my way of increasing my odds which doesn't work by the way. If you're curious it's about set of rules. No sending messages to extremely beautiful women for obvious reasons. No sending messages to who have been on the site more than 2 years because they're extremely picky or don't use the site anymore, Always message the women who visit your profile more than once and take auto response as a no. Just to name a few.

Even with the system finding a someone who is willing to date you is a long slow grind filled with constant rejection and putting out a lot of effort just to be ignored. And the time required is insane. I think I've spent at least 1 years of my life trying to get laid if I added up all the hours spent trying to get the honey pot at the end of the rainbow. That's about a month every year since I hit puberty. Seems about right.

I don't know what it's like being a woman who is trying to find someone to date maybe it's just fun for them. It looks like adult trick or treating for them to me but from my perspective it's just work with no payday.
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Is puberty bad?
Posted:Oct 4, 2017 3:43 am
Last Updated:Oct 4, 2017 1:50 pm

I just finished the new show on Netflix called big mouth. It's an animated show about these kids going through puberty and all the awkward situations they get into with their first steps into their adult world. It's a C- show and I know it was played up for comedic effects but I just couldn't relate. I don't know how other people experienced puberty but I barely noticed. That's not an exaggeration I didn't notice that I was going through puberty. I didn't get acne or nocturnal emissions. Obviously I didn't have any awkward sexual experience with girls. All that happened is one day I noticed that I had a lot more hair and my mom thought I stunk. Which is why I take two showers a day and don't wear cologne. She is the type to mince words, spare feelings or care about small things like psychologically scaring a child. I think I was the only boy ever to take long showers because they were actually scrubbing to not be called a disgusting pig instead of actually being one.

I guess it's different for women going through puberty because they get into a fight with their uterus every month but for me it was a breeze. It helped that I went to 20 different middle schools that secondary school if you want to be all UK. 5-9 grades those are prime puberty years. It's hard to notice that your body is changing when everything around you is constantly changing. It's just not important enough. Just think about it that's 4 schools per year. One school for every quarter. Do they have quarters in a school years? I think so but it's been so long but you get the idea.

F.Y.I It's really bad for a a child to move around a lot. It stunts their social and emotional growth. Luckily it hasn't effected me at all but I don't recommend it. Not everyone is a social and emotionally strong like me.
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My bleeped up brain on social issues
Posted:Oct 2, 2017 1:09 am
Last Updated:Oct 2, 2017 1:11 am

I wish I was normal and could look at a license and not see a governmental scam. Or look at black lives matter and not see a bunch of race pimps that would make Jessi Jackson blush. Seriously go to black lives matter's official website. They barely mention police brutality. They only use the deaths of black people by the police to gain political clout so they can push their real agenda which is clearly stated on their site. GO! Check it out right now! I'll wait...Told ya. If they are so against police brutality why don't they at least give it a paragraph on the 'What we believe" section of their Website instead of dismantling the patriarchy that requires mother to work double shifts. That is a direct quote from the website for those who just kept reading and didn't go to black lives matter's site. It is dripping in feminism and Marxism which is almost redundant in modern times but you owe it to your life to read it but that's what the leaders of the movement believe and everyone else is just as Stalin called them, Useful idiots.

Which leads me to white privilege. The first time I heard the term I thought it was obvious that people who claim to have white privilege were self hating white supremacist. Both a skinhead and a liberal arts student thinks that they were born with a clear advantage over other races due to their white skin and culture being the dominant culture and western European values having been adopted all over the globe. The only difference is how they feel about it. The white skinhead thinks we are born better so we should rule over them. While the white liberal arts student thinks we are born better so we should tear ourselves down to build them up. It's impossible for someone to think they have white privilege and think that a black person is their equal. For white privilege to be true there has to be a superior /inferior dynamic. And the black person has to be in the inferior position.

What I'm trying to say is why I'm I getting nonstop coverage of football player protesting black oppression by kneeling during the national anthem. If you see a football player on TV they're in the fucking 1%! Why are a bunch of black millionaire athletes protesting that black people can't get ahead in this country? Or are they protesting police violence? Let's put that into perspective this year 737 people where killed by police so far. 166 were black, 330 white 112 Latino 24 other and 105 unknown. Now let's look at the city of Chicago were the murder rate just past 500 but 355 victims were black. Why aren't their more outrage for the people of Chicago? Why no knee for those people?

Also for those who think it's disrespectful for teams to take a knee this is America. We have these right to protest. No cares about your feelings. Nut up and shut up!
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I'm going to get it for this...but it's never stopped me before
Posted:Sep 24, 2017 11:16 pm
Last Updated:Oct 2, 2017 1:10 am

Sexual objectification is Total bullshit! The concept not the action. We all sexually objectify, it's part and parcel of having our sexual needs but objectification is dumb. Hear me out. First I got to pay my respects to the person who came up with this. It's just vague enough to seem intellectual but relatable enough to be taken seriously. You can hate the player but you can't hate the game. It is brilliant. Every woman knows that feeling of being stared at by a creepy guy and getting that uncomfortable or threatened feeling. What the idea of sexual objectification does is tell women that feeling is threatening which is the relatable part bouns points for validation of feelings and it will harm them in ways ranging from low self esteem and not being taken seriously at work to domestic violence and that word that mean sex without consent that Men.Date - Gay Dating won't let me write (I learned my lesson from the last time ) that's the vague part.

With all the studies on sexuality none has been able to comfim that sexual objectification actually exists.Not from a reputable source and the ones that do don't have any scientific basis and use circular logic because sexual objectification is just sexual attraction. No one finds someone sexually attractive and views them as the complex human being they are. How good would they be in bed? Thd idea of sexual objectification is weaponized sexual attraction meant to shame people for something they can't control.'s meant to shame men. Women can watch magic Mike and enjoy sexually objectifying Channing Tatum all they want. No one's going to look down on you for not seeing him as a complex human being. Could you imagine how weird that would be if you did. "Look at Channing's body! LOOK at the way he moves his hips! I HOPE HE HAS A GOOD RELATIONSHIP WITH HIS FATHER!!! WHOO, TAKE IT OFF!!! ALSO WHAT ARE SOME OF YOUR HOBBIES!!!!!!!!!
The Jelqing experiment results
Posted:Sep 23, 2017 10:27 pm
Last Updated:Sep 24, 2017 10:28 pm

A while back I wrote a blog post about starting an experiment with jelqing. To see if it actually made my penis bigger because I was curious about the clams made about it and I don't use my penis for anything except for peeing anyway. So...TO THE LAB!!!
Well the results are in.

For those who aren't familiar with the post. I was going to jelq technique that forces blood into the penis for three months and see what happens. I ended up deleting the post because it had a couple of pictures of my quarter erection which I found disturbing. I don't know how guys have their own dicks as their profile picture. I found it deeply upsetting. Maybe because I have a lazy penis and I can't seem to keep a full erection and take a photo of it. I've only tried twice but still.

Anyway after 3 months Mr. Suffleuppagus wasn't bigger in size or girth but it was denser. It felt significantly heavier than normal. It was like difference between plastic and wood. It was impressive to feel. I haven't done any jelqing for about 2 months and the density is gone. But it's just a matter of time before it's back because I like the density and I'm making jelqing a part of my normal routine.
It's my birthday you are allowed to send me penthouse style nudes
Posted:Sep 21, 2017 11:14 pm
Last Updated:Sep 24, 2017 10:26 pm

Just kidding but it is my birthday. I don't celebrate the day I came into this world but I'm curious how and why people do it. Is it just a tradition or is it meaningful? And what's this birthday sex I keep hearing about? Is it actually worth the 365 days of waiting? What's your most memorable birthday?

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