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Posted:Feb 23, 2018 6:01 pm
Last Updated:Feb 23, 2018 7:10 pm
CrankAssault: Assault the day !®

Oh does your blog not have a corporate sponsor ? Interesting .

I found this awesome ambient tribal horrorcrunk record today , you probably wouldn’t like it though .

The Men.Date - Gay Dating robots that send you fake flirts fascinate me . Lately they've been sending me fake flirts from Missouri . I realize that's the Midwest still but the Midwest is a big place . Are there really that many people willing to drive three hours for clumsy foreplay and a quick flop and slop ?

I was buying a big bag of army men today to replace the casualties for the Washing Machine Offensive and I realized something . They're all army MEN . How come the equality people haven't freaked out about this ? How am I supposed to teach the daughter I don't have about the importance of military service if none of the little green soldiers look like her ? There's a dog in there for god's sake and they can't make one lady solider to toss in the bag ?

And I know what you're going to say "40 , those plastic soldiers are the same ones they designed in the 40's there were no women in the military then ."

First of that's wrong , they were in combat but there were women in the military . But second you're missing the big picture . If I can't teach the daughter I don't have about military service we have a real problem on our hands because since the 60's military volunteers increasingly come from smaller and smaller subsections of the country and more and more often from the same families .

Some people say that the US is inadvertently in the process of creating a warrior caste - which is bad news . I mean they talked about on an Episode of ER in 2001 so you know it's a real thing .

The whole idea behind having a volunteer citizen-solider military force is that they're us and we're them - you never have to worry about the military "taking over" because we're all just people you know ? But that is threatened if say 80% of the people in the military all come from the same geographic area with the same culture . If someone wanted to pass a law saying only people in Wyoming could serve in the military no one would be excited about that . So by the same token it's probably not a good idea if only people from Tennessee are volunteering right ?

The point is if you don't get off your fanny and tell Airfix and Matchbox to make a lady "army man" we may have to institute some form of mandatory military service in order to preserve our way of life .

Did you know that in 1913 HG Wells published a set of rules for wargaming with your green army men that ultimately led to the creation of D&D ? Of course you didn't . What kind of insane person would know that ?

It was a mad dash . Sadly I arrived just in time to see the pirate king fire his blunderbuss and Craig Kilborn slump to the floor . Miss Bixby screamed and turned to her VIP sexbot for comfort only to find that it was poorly calibrated after the upgrades she had recently made . It crushed her chest with its mechanical arms . Her heart was pierced with shards of her own crushed ribcage . Which is a metaphor for love if ever there was one . Kim’s face went ashen white at the grisly spectacle . Miss Bixby’s body bent backwards and all her bones reaches for the endless sky , breaking free from her spine . Silky blackess poured from her horribly dangling entrails – infecting all nearby with limitless dark . The pirates clawed at their eyes as cold black slime slithered upwards through newly made slits in their flesh , stealing away their screams into a terrible breathlessness . Jeff and Woody realize too late that what they thought was a burning desire to compete was really just as mark for their desire to hold one another , and to be held in kind – a yearning for each other’s touch . As the blackness engulfed them the last thing they tasted was each other’s tears . Earthroot called upon her ancestor spirt Mountain Shadow to shield and protect her . But nothing answered back . Nothing .
Important update !
Posted:Feb 21, 2018 5:19 pm
Last Updated:Feb 23, 2018 5:08 pm
So I thawed out the frozen half a coke zero and I didn't try it because it ended up looking like a reverse black and tan .

So I thought "oh , the water and the syrup separated" but then I remembered this is a Coke ZERO there IS no syrup . Or is there ? To the ingredients ! Only to find that the label on a Coca-Cola Zero has no ingredients list . Is that legal ? It does say that it contains Phenylkeonurics which I'm sure has no negative health effects of any kind and they just dilose that for fun .

So I guess it was just the caramel coloring that went to the bottom ?

In other news I've always known that if I started boxing (which seems pretty unlikely at this point being hst) that of my nicknames would "The Southern Dandy" but all good boxers need at least nicknames . Today I figured out what the first would be "Behind on All Cards" .

And his oppnt , wearing the seafoam and mauve trunks , hailing from Volga , Iowa in America's Heartland , he's also known as the Southern Dandy , Vernon "Behind on All Cards" Nazarene !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'll be known for "being in trouble in the corner" and for rabbit punching the ring girl between round 4-5 . For equality .

Now the bad news . Training your brain is made up bullshit , at least the way people think about it now . Cognitive function declines as you get older (specifiy over the age of 40 , so I have that going for me) and doing Sudoku or listening to Mozart or various "cognitive learning games" that you only need to do as little as 15 minutes a day ! or things of that nature do exactly nothing to stop said function decline .

But there is something that does . Aerobic exercise . All those ads that want to sell you brain training apps or whatnot are correct that bloodflow to the brain is the keye - but they're wrong about what s . Thinking real hard doesn't make more blood go to your brain - what does is your heart . And what makes your heart function better is exercise . The end .

It's mildly depressing to hear that most of the top flight chess ers are all in there 20s - because just like physical competitions younger is better . Older ers may have more knowledge rattling around in their old heads but they can't bring it to bear as effectively as the hotshot young people of the chess world .

But on the plus side I learned something . I've always heard that experiments are better than surveys when it comes to conducting research but I never know if I should believe it because I was never told why . Now I know . Surveys always have a selection bias , even if it's just people willing to answer a survey , but usually for other reasons . Experiments can also have a selection bias but they don't inherently have so at least there's a chance for more meaningful results .

In conclusion ;

I've noticed when I post porny pics I get less comments so I need to get back into that habit . My blog was getting dangerously mildly popular there for a minute .
Double Whammy
Posted:Feb 20, 2018 6:47 pm
Last Updated:Feb 21, 2018 4:42 pm
Yesterday I forgot to put my half a Coke Zero from work in the refrigerator to cool back down while I was working out . So after I was done and I noticed I decided to put in the freezer for 10 minutes . And of course I forgot about it so today it was frozen . Now I know it won't taste as good as if it was never frozen but if I thaw it out and drink it will be any good at all or does freezing it ruin everything ?

I think about money laundering a lot . I'm not sure why . Probably because it seems so unfair that normally you go through all this trouble to steal all this money and then when it comes time to launder it you're lucky to get 50 cents on the dollar . Where's the justice I ask you ?

Today I came across a pretty nifty scheme people are pulling on Amazon . They self publish a book , put it on sale on Amazon for $600 , and then buy X copies of it with the money they want to launder . Boom , clean money .

AND as an added bonus (or double whammy if you will) you can brag about how you're a published author and all the people are paying up the ass for your book .

Apparently this has been brought to Amazon's attention and their response was essential "so what ?"

There's a book out there right now you can buy for only $2600 . I'm too afraid to put the title on the .000000001 percent chance that the dude pulling this scam is a mega-hacker and would somehow find out and fuck up all my shit but here's an example of one of the pages in this 60 page masterpiece ;

So insisted received is occasion advanced honoured. Among ready to which up. Attacks smiling and may out assured moments man nothing outward. Thrown any behind afford either the set depend one temper. Instrument melancholy in acceptance collecting frequently be if. Zealously now pronounce existence add you instantly say offending. Merry their far had widen was. Concerns no in expenses raillery formerly.

And that is the whole of page 37 because the font is humungous .

I'm not even really sure why I'm posting this . Best case scenario one of the people reading this is a criminal and I am now an accessory .

Anyway , this is the kind of double whammy I like ;

Please don't hurt me Mr. money launder . I'll do anything . And I mean anything .
Have you ever been told that your ass is too big ?
Posted:Feb 19, 2018 5:11 pm
Last Updated:Feb 20, 2018 6:30 pm
Have you ever been asked if your hair is a wig ?

Have you ever been told you're mediocre in bed ?

Have you ever been told you got a weird-shaped head ?

Has your family ever forgotten you and driven away ?

Were you ever ed [BANNED] 'cause in hool you took drama ?

Have you ever been told that you look like a llama ?

If a dude wanted to "finish" on your tits/face/feets/whatever and when he ejaculate cotton candy came out how much would you freak out on a ale of 1-10 ? That's got be at least a 7 right ? That's the kind of thing that could drive a person literally insane right ? Because there can be no logical explanation for that . Heck , there's no ILLogical explanation for that right ? But if you could get over how insane it was and you like cotton candy would you eat it ? I suppose it would be better than getting cotton candy in your vag , that doesn't seem pleasant .

Situation comedies often use the same "situation" from which to draw their "comedy" (thin though it may be at times) . And thing that I've noticed becoming a trope in "modern" TV shows is the following situation . A woman wants to have a baby and usually is a lesbian or sometimes is just a single straighty or their husband has a bum wiener and they can't afford In Vitro so they ask the main character dude to knock them up . Hilarity ensues !

Do you think this has ever happened in real life ? And by knocked up I don't mean donate sperm I mean hardcore PIV fuckin' .

It's hard to say that it's never happened because at this point everything has happened at least once (thanks internet ! ) but it seems like something they made up for the TV right ?

I ask because there's couple right here on the Men.Date - Gay Dating (Hookup, Find Sex or Meet Some Hot Now) in my area who are looking for a dude to slip past the goalie . That has to be a trap right ? Like I show up there and a big net oops me up like with the Ewoks and then next thing you know my liver is for sale on the Singapore black market ? Has to be something akin to that enario doesn't it ?

It's like the old saying "If it seems too good to be true they're organ thieves Jimmy" .

Poor little Jimmy . And I was the that had to tell his mom what had happened ! That's a lot to lay on a college kid you know ?

I'm not a fan of Bill Maher . But I used to watch his show Politiy Incorrect sometimes because there was nothing else on and what was I going to do ? Go out in the world and interact with people ? Ha !

time they were talking about a proposed law in NYC where if you were gay you had to dilose that to your potential roommate - which stemmed from a case where a lady was super pissed to find out her roommate was a lesbian .

They usually had a straw conservative on for every else to make fun of - which shows you how things have changed in the last 20 because now shows have straw liberals for people to mock . On this night the straw-conservative said that she supported this law because "I don't want to find a bunch of dildos in the garbage" .

To which Maher said that wouldn't be a problem because "Lesbians hate anything phallic" .

Which of these statements is sillier ? In a nutshell "only lesbians use dildos" VS "only non-lesbians use dildos" .

Also can you image a world where you only used a dildo once and then threw it away ? Otherwise why would there be so many dildos in the garbage all the time ? Also why are you looking in the garbage ?

I can't picture that . But only because I can't image a world where dildos get used ever outside of porn .
Sensual Superfoods and Aphrodisiac Practices for Ultimate Sexual Health
Posted:Feb 17, 2018 1:22 pm
Last Updated:Feb 19, 2018 4:46 pm
The female body has long been a mystery , not just to me , but to everyone throughout the ages . I believe it was Socrates who said "Man I don't even know what's going on with all . . . . that stuff . . . . down there ." Even most women have no clue what their bodies are doing at any particular time . But thankfully there's a book that explains it all .

It's all right there on the cover actually , which is nice because reading (and writing) as we've established is for nerds .

Grapefruits are like breasts . This seems to check out . Do you suck on a grapefruit ? No , that would be awful . By the same token women don't like it when you suck on their tits . Do you pinch and or twist the grapefruit stem ? No , of course not , what would be the point ? Analogously women don't like it when you manipulate their nipples . Do you knead a grapefruit like a little baby kitten ? No way . I think I've made my point .

When found , the grapefruit was named the "forbidden fruit" - you know what I'm saying ?

A good grapefruit feels firm all the way around . A good grapefruit should be slightly oval in shape , not perfectly round . You should avoid grapefruits that are lumpy or oddly shaped . A good grapefruit should feel plump and heavy , as if it's about to burst with sweet juice . A good grapefruit should have nice smooth skin .

I mean it's uncanny right ?

And of course the main thing boobs and grapefruits have in common is that they are neither grapes nor fruits .

So next we have the strawberry/vagina .

The most obviously similarity is the leaves to the little strip of pubic hair you find at the top of many vaginas . It's not really a big deal but it's there . Would it be better if it wasn't there ? Some people would say so but you mostly just ignore it - except when it pokes you in the eye . Point is you don't eat it .

Generally speaking the juicier the strawberry the better BUT there is such a thing as too much juice . It's rare . But it happens . But it's rare .

Fresh strawberries are much better than frozen .

And they are both alike in that neither is , from a botanical point of view , a berry .

In other news a while ago they came out with Blowpaste - which is supposed to be an oral sex lube that cleans your teeth while you lick the strawberry . Since when it oral sex something for which you use a lubricant ? I've certainly never heard of that . Why would you need such a thing ?

If your mouth is SO dry all the time that you need lube to perform oral sex I think you have other issues you need to be addressing .

I think their motto 'A blowjob a day keeps the dentist away' reveals their true goal though - this is all just way to try and get people to brush their teeth more regularly . I mean if you had your choice would you suck a dick or brush your teeth ?

I rest my case .
If this sex cult is a-rocking , leave package by door
Posted:Feb 16, 2018 6:46 pm
Last Updated:Feb 19, 2018 4:48 pm
First things first , I managed to squander my way back up to 100 watchers again somehow . It's a celebration mother fuckers !

An alternate name for this blog I've long held in reserve is "Keeping it 100" which as we all know because we're so hip and young and plugged into the "ene" means ;

To keep yourself real and true, to be hst and stick to the way you are, no matter what any else thinks.

To tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

To be hst with yourself as well as others.

Because there's nothing people like better than when you brag about how you keep things "real" . Usually while catfishing lady tennis ers .

Second things second . Just moments ago I have slipped the surly bonds of earth,
And danced the skies on laughter-silvered wings; Sunward I've climbed, and joined the tumbling mirth .

How you ask ? Well it's quite a boring story really . You see I had a stomach bug a while back and even though I know the concept of drinking Spite or Up or whatnot when you have a GI issue is complete nonsense I still went ahead and got myself a 2 liter of Sprite Zero so I could pretend it was healthier . I liked it so I picked up another 2 liter this week and as I was pouring myself a glass something caught my eye - a packet of free strawberry lemon drink mix . Did I dare ? I did . And it is glorious .

This is what it is now .

This is it .

You animals do whatever you want to this planet and each other and all the Gods in the heavens and the turtles in the seas . I am made whole in the house of my enemies .

Me and the Strawberry Lemonade Sprite Zero are riding this sumnabitch out to the end together and ya'll can go rew .

The book I'm reading mentid offhandedly that relaxation increases arousal like it was a known an accepted fact . Which startled me for a moment . When I stop and think about it makes sense . Whenever a lady has been grinding her snizz all up on me and I wasn't in the mood it was usually because I was stressed out .

But it seems counterintuitive because people often talk about sex as a way to relieve stress . Like whenever some is all wound up their peers will remark "Man , Jimmy needs to get laid" . What's really surprising to me is how often women say it about other women . I've heard these words several times "That bitch needs a good assfucking" . Point is that people often look at sex as a way to blow off steam but it seems like if you're all steamclogged you shouldn't be in the mood for sexaction .

The point is that dudes who are just out to get laid often employ high pressure tactics - they get all up in a woman's grill like a used Honda salesman who needs to off the Dixie Mafia for the cash he lost on the Sawanee Mountain Catfight Tournament . But if relaxation is what gets people in the mood that's clearly a bad strategy .

Obviously if you're a dude out to get laid (and if you're reading this chances are that you're not) what you need to do instead is to chill things out .

Maybe that's why SOME people claim that smoking a bowl makes sex more enjoyable - it's not that weed has magic sex powers in and of itself , it's just a reliable method of relaxation .

Speaking of dudes just out to get laid the other day I was talking about prostitution , as I often do , and I expressed my opinion that even if it was legal I wouldn't partake - not because of moral reasons but because of cost reasons . 100 bucks for a flop and slop ? No way . Way too expensive for something as trivial as sex . I mean that's cordless immersion blender .

The fellow to whom I made this remark sneered derisively and said that in this opinion I would bang whores all the time because "when you take a girl out to dinner you drop a hundred bucks" .

And I says to him I says "Yeah , but I'm not doing that to get sex . I'm doing that because I want to eat food and I will enjoy the company of the person I'm doing it with . It's not like I feel it was a waste of time if we don't fuck afterwards ."

And the look of pure disgust he gave me was sublimely horrible . I often make the claim that men aren't really the poonhouds they're often made out to be and that a lot of that kind of behavior is just -acting . But this guy clearly was a dyed in the wool pussywrangler . He's just trying to get it wet , end of story .

So I learned something . There are people like that out there . Which I suppose I should have known . But you know me , I'm an optimist .

time there was this movie ed Hancock . It wasn't very good but it wasn't horrible either . It was a good idea executed poorly .

Quick sidenote on Hancock , many people remember it as being a flop after a Will Smith's career was an unbridled success and signaled a downturn but Hancock made over 400 million so I don't think you can say it was a flop . Men in Black 3 also made hundreds of millions . It wasn't until After Earth that things took a real nosedive for Mr. Smith .

Anyway in the movie Hancock the titular (hehe) Hancock agrees to go to prison as a publish relations stunt - the premise is that he's a superhero but no really likes him . So he's in prison and some of the inmates who he's put away start harassing him and he says if they don't leave him al "I'm going to put your head up his ass" . They don't lay off so he does just that - shoves guy A's head up guy B's ass .

I don't like this ene . For a couple reasons .

First of all it's ed for laughs in a movie that isn't really the correct t for that sort of thing . Plus it's not funny regardless .

Secondly , the dudes threatening Hancock aren't actually capable of hurting him . The whole point of him going to prison was to show people that he didn't think he was better than them . And yet he does this basiy for no reason . It would be analogous to me saying to the UFS heavyw champion "I'm going to tickle you" and them ping my spine .

Thirdly and most importantly there's no way that would work . Instead you're just murdering guy . And not because as person said to me "He'd suffocate in these" . NO ! The other guy damn it ! You cannot physiy fit a head up an ass . The best you could do is literally rip the guy in half the shove the head in the gory blood-hole in the dead that used to be an ass on a living dude . But that doesn't count .

The suffocation guy upon hearing me say this commented that you COULD shove a head up and ass because the head is the same size as a baby and women push out babies all the time .

So I says to him I says "Do you not know the difference between an asshole and a vagina ? Are you suggesting that some should shit out a baby ?"

Things went downhill from there . And that's why I almost titled this post "ientists now say that pussies and assholes are not the same thing !"

But I didn't .
Warning - sincere post
Posted:Feb 16, 2018 6:03 pm
Last Updated:Feb 19, 2018 4:48 pm

Whoo boy, that was awkward read this blog post by my good friend and spiritual advisor SAW , or don't if you don't want to .

The point is in the comments she says the following (in part) ;

"I don't seem to feel a strong attraction to men anymore. You know, the kind of feelings where you're thinking/fantasizing about him all the time, and any time you send a or email you're in agony until he replies."

Being self centered upon reading this I thought to myself "I've never felt that way" . Not even close . I've never felt anything other than apprehension and a sick feeling of lessness when I was in a relationship . No matter how much I liked the lady I was dating there were days when I dreaded picking up the ph (I'm old you see , back in those days people ed each other) because it might be her and I didn't want to have the stress of that interaction . Not all the time , or even most of the time , but a significant minority of time I would live in dread about my girlfriend contacting me .

The first thing I wonder is maybe only women feel like what SAW deribes, which is possibly sexist .

The second thing I wonder is if maybe I never really gave any of these relationships a chance . Maybe I could have felt that way .

The third thing I wonder is if there's something really wrong with me . No , ratch that , not wrong , just different . I have a hard time imagining feeling that way about some . And maybe that's just how I am . And maybe that's okay .

I'm sure some people would be like "you're missing out on so much" any maybe I am , but that's just life you know ? I'll never connect with music the way some people will . And to them that might consider that a great tragedy because to them music is so important . But really it's just a difference like any other right ?

Some people feel certain ways about certain things . Does that mean anything is "missing" from their lives ? Should they go to therapy to try and be different ?

There's an interesting double standard about self-acceptance . Every seems to encourage it , yet when you accept yourself and yourself isn't so much like every else then it's not okay .

It's a bit odd .

The end
Let's make sloppy Martian love in the back of my dune buggy
Posted:Feb 13, 2018 5:37 pm
Last Updated:Feb 16, 2018 5:51 pm
I've long wondered if there's really that much more sex on Valentine's Day than any other day . The first factor is that despite massive marketing efforts Valentine's Day isn't celebrated so much outside of the honkey countries - Canada , US , UK , Australia , Zealand , etc. So right off the bat there's going to be a limited impact . Combined that's not even 10% of the world population . And then you have to cut that in half again to account for kids and old people and castrati and nuns and whatnot . So I best we're talking about a 5% increase - and a lot of those people are probably single anyway , or too married to care about sex anymore .

And I bet what really makes the difference is what day Valentine's falls on . Like a Friday Valentine's Day ? Probably the nasty index goes up . A Wednesday , or "hump" day" , Valentine's ? Probably not so much . A Monday Valentine's Day ? forget about it .

Compare that with Sex Day in Brazil when the shagging market goes up at least 40% . Which is a joke of course because every day is sex day in Brazil .

What I'm saying is investing in sex futures before VD seems like a surefire winner but it's more complicated than that .

So now I going to figure out if there's a measurable increase in masturbation on Valentine's Day and if there's an increase in soliciting prostitutes .

Speaking of , it's a lot harder than you think to find a hooker who's willing to dress up like a mummy . And trust me if you feel like you're getting bad customer service do NOT ask to speak to her manager . Who knew pimps were so rude ?

I saw a lady taking a selfie at her desk today and I smacked the phone out of her hand and scolded her for being unprofessional and to her credit she didn't back down (not like that coward Danielle) and said "You hate bathrooms selfies and car selfies where am I supposed to take a fucking selfie your majesty ?" Which is a good point I suppose . I mean the obvious answer is don't take a selfie but clearly that's like my grandma saying "Just don't use the internet" at this point . So I would say take a selfie where there's something worth seeing . Everyone's sick of your dumb ass , but if you're in the Mount Emei Scenic Area that's a good time for a selfie . I mean it would be better if you just took a picture without yourself in it , but see above .

I played Axis and Allies once on Valentine's Day . That about says it all .
Three hardest things in life
Posted:Feb 12, 2018 6:14 pm
Last Updated:Feb 13, 2018 5:13 pm
Are steel , diamond , and knowing yourself . Foghorn Leghorn said that . Pretty sure .

The fourth hardest thing ? MY DICK !!!!

See that's funny because my dick is actually floppy and unsatisfying .

I've always found the expression "Cutting off your nose to spite your face confusing ." Because cutting off your nose would be a great way to spite your face . Can you image how your face would feel if it didn't have a nose ? Take that face ! The expression should be "Don't spite your face when you what you want is to kick someone else in the ding-dong" . Expressions are dumb .

The origin of the expression is , as per usual , absolutely horrifying . Back in the days when Vikings were the worst thing going Saint Ebba heard they were coming her way . So she gathered her nuns together and urged them to disfigure themselves , so that they might be unappealing to the Vikings - you know , for the banned R word . Which they did by cutting off their noses and upper lips . It was a mixed success at best because the Vikings were grossed out and didn't assault their virtue but they did burn them alive . Vikings were real assholes .

Think about that next time you're at US Bank Stadium watching your beloved "Vikes" .

Remember when the Black Keys were a thing ? I do . What happened there ? It's tempting to say that mass media appeal ruined them but that seems like something a music snob would say and I'm no music snob .

The Big Come Up · Fantastic
Thickfreakness · Great
Rubber Factory · Super dope
Magic Potion · Regular dope
Attack & Release · Medium dope
Brothers · Awesome
El Camino · Weak
Turn Blue - Pukatronic

I guess that is a lot of albums . I mean how many artists release at least 6 albums that you'll listen to all the way through and love ? Not many . I guess I should cut them a break .

Anyway back to the Foghorn Leghorn thing who are you ? Do you know ? I watched the first episode of Counterpart and the bald dude from SVU (not the main bald dude the other one , or was he on regular Law and Order ? ) was hanging out with "himself" from an alternate universe and I thought how awful that would be . Having to look at my own stupid face would be a pretty effective method of torture for me . I would hate that worse than 'Weight of Love" and that's a lot .

But that's just physical appearance . I suspect I wouldn't like being confronted with the reality of who I am either .

But I should count my blessings . I may be a fuggo with a horrible personality and a floppy unsatisfying dick who can't do a single push-up and can't make small talk to save my life . BUT on the other hand I have it pretty good . I don't have any health problems (yet) I have a good job (that I hate) and I'm free to do whatever I want (nothing) . Much like Joe Walsh life's been good to me so far .

I bet I could kick Joe Walsh's ass . So I got that going for me too .
90 Minutes
Posted:Feb 11, 2018 8:55 am
Last Updated:Feb 14, 2018 4:40 pm

If you could , through 4th dimensional shenanigans or whatnot , have 90 extra minutes in your day would you do it knowing that the side effect would be that you would be aging 6% faster relative to everyone else ?

Doesn't seem like a great deal but I think about waking up every workday at 5:30 AM and I doubt I'd be able to resist another 90 minutes of sleep . Which Is extra lame because then I'm just sleeping my 6% less life away .

Plus time is neither an event nor a thing and thus is not itself measurable nor can it be travelled . So that complicates things .

All I know for sure is that everyone wants more time . But it's too late , always has been , always will be . Too late .
Weight loss through demonic possession
Posted:Feb 10, 2018 12:57 pm
Last Updated:Feb 11, 2018 1:45 pm
It's been a while so I was due for this , but I had this blog post about done and then the site crashed and I lost it all so I'm writing it again . Which always seems like a MASSIVE waste of time . My blogs are barely worth writing once you know ? So now I'll write my blogs in Word first for a few months but then eventually I'll get lazy and stop doing that until it happens again and I literally go insane with rage . Literally .

Did you know what most fanfiction is written by women ? I didn't . I kinda of don't believe it because to me writing fanfic is something dorks do and don't think of women as being dorks . Is that a form of sexism ?

Fanfiction started being a big thing in the 70's with Star Trek or course but also with the Man from UNCLE . Never would have guessed that .

Speaking of sexism when I was in (the name escaping me now of the classes you have to take to be confirmed) I asked the youth pastor why it seems like demons only ever posses women and he said that it's because women are weak-willed and easy for demons to take over and I said that sounded pretty sexist and he shrugged and said "Religion , what can you do ?"

Many years later at my sister's wedding I asked the priest there and same question and he said that it's because demons are mostly male and therefore it's more appealing for them to enter into a woman . And said that that sounded like a strange backhand indictment of homosexuality and that demons as I understand them exist only as spirits without physical form so it really wouldn't make sense to ascribe a gender to them . He rolled his eyes and walked off to get some cake .

Back in the early 2000s when my friend Dave had first become a priest I used to go on exorcisms with him to help out . After five or six times I stopped doing it though because it's pretty intense . Seeing that kind of thing over a long term could definitely mess with your head . So I hadn't done it in a long time but he called me up this morning to go to Kimballton with him because his usual guy Antoli is out of town right now and he doesn't like doing it with just Lourdes . So I went along and I realized that every possessed woman I've seen is skinny as a rail .

Do you think that's because demons are superficial and haven't gotten on the positive body image train ? Or do you think that being possessed makes you lose weight ?

All that clinging to ceiling corners is probably a really good core workout - and you're possessed so you probably push yourself beyond your normal physical limits . Plus the demon doesn't need food so aside from ammunition for projectile vomit they probably don't waste time eating anything . I think if you could be possessed for a few hours every day you could really tone up .

There's a graveground nearby my new office building and as I was driving by the other day I noticed they had a sign out saying they're hiring sales associates . I'm afire with curiosity about what selling burial plots is like . Is it just like any other sales job ? How could it be ? I have an image of that scene from Glengarry/Glenross playing through my head . "People just aren't dying right now" and then Alec Baldwin goes off on the dude .

I can't imagine that you do cold calling for burial plots . So where do they get their leads from ? Or do they not do anything at all and people come to them ? And if so is that a sweet gig ?

So many unanswered questions .

The first time I wrote this I ended REAL strong with a story about having a sexy sexy trivia battle with a friend from out of town - and it was super HOT . But I don't want to write that again .

But I will say this , the trivia cards I got where pretty good overall but there were a few questions that were much to hard and a couple that were stupid easy . One of the latter I will share with you "Does the earth revolve around the sun or does the sun revolve around the earth ?"

I'd like to think that if you get that one wrong poison gas comes out of the card and kills you before you can pass on your stupid genes .
Quality Mummy fucking at affordable prices
Posted:Feb 7, 2018 5:34 pm
Last Updated:Feb 9, 2018 5:01 pm
Now the guys down at Big Al's Mummy Fucking Hut are going to tell you that they can fuck your mummy for less . And you know what ? They're right . I cannot compete with Al when it comes to price . But let me ask you a question - do you want your mummy fucked or do you want your mummy fucked RIGHT ? Because as they say , you get what you pay for . 40Deuce's Mummy Fucking Service is a little more expensive but we do the job right . If you want a cheap , sloppy , ineffective mummy fucking then by all means go down to Big Al's Mummy Fucking Hut , by all means . But be prepared for your mummy to be groaning again in 3 months . Where's I guarantee that your mummy will stay fucked for 12 months . OR not only will you get your mummy back we'll fuck your mummy again free of charge . But that has never happened in the 22 years we've been in business . Your mummy deserves a better class of mummy fucker , and I'm here to give it you . And to your mummy .

MILF = Mummy I'd Like to Fuck , am I right ?

But seriously folks , I never realized until today that the Mummy (the one with BF) is a love story . Imhotep and Anck-Su-Namun just wanted to be together but society wouldn't let them . So what did they do ? The only thing they could do , they tried to change society . And what did they get for trouble ? Nothing good .

And check this shit out 25 HUNDRED years later Imhotep finally gets out of his tomb and what's the first thing he does ? He immediately starts looking for the love of his life , Anck-Su-Namun . The FIRST thing after two and a half millennia is to say "Where's my lady ?" If that doesn't warm your cockles I don't know what will (which I don't) .

Everyone gets their panties all went about Dracula waiting for Mina a mere 400 years and check this out - he wasn't even looking for her ! He was just doing Dracula stuff and he stumbled upon the reincarnation of his long lost love and then got all into it . What the fuck was he doing the rest of that time ? That was probably what , the 15th time she'd been reincarnated ? Dracula can go fuck himself with that weak ass bullshit .

I do have to wonder though , throughout those 2500 years do you think Anck-Su-Namun was building cults and trying to get to Imhotep every time or do you think she occasionally took a life off to pursue her own interests ? I mean love is love but after 2000 years do you think she said to herself after being re-born for the 600th time "You know , this one is just going to be for me , I'm going to learn the clarinet" . No she didn't ! Because their love is pure and honest and true .

And they'd still be together if it wasn't for that jerk Brendan Frasier . Just like me and Sally .

If you knew you'd be reincarnated would you kill yourself as soon as you felt like you were declining physically ? Or if you got into a really long line and were tired of waiting ? People get on Anck-Su-Namun for killing all those people but really if you were 2500 years old do you think it would even be possible to give a shit about someone who's only going to last 70 years ? I mean as Kafka said the meaning of life is that it ends .

Silly Kafka .

I found out today why I'm disengaged from the political process and from the world in general .

The debates of our culture are framed largely by appeals to emotion disconnected from the details of policy , and by the repeated assertion of talking points to which factual rebuttals are ignored . This differs from traditional contesting and falsifying of facts by rendering facts of "secondary" importance . This culture is as ascendant in America , Australia , The UK , China , India , Japan , Russia , Spain and Turkey so if you live in one of those countries I'm sorry . This problem has always existed to some degree but has been driven to prominence by a combination of the 24-hour news cycle , false balance in news reporting and the increasing ubiquity of social media .

And if there's one thing I don't do well with it's appeals to emotion . As of the CEO of my company put it today "Your problem is you try to approach everything with rational thought and explore all the options , that's not where we're at ."

That probably seems like a humble brag . And I guess it is . Actually maybe it's not , there's definitely people who value emotion over logic .
Sparafucile had deceived Rigoletto
Posted:Feb 6, 2018 5:45 pm
Last Updated:Feb 7, 2018 4:59 pm

I almost titled this post "Too many questions Mr. Wayne ?" but I've used that at least twice before . Possibly three times . And that movie wasn't very good .

A lot of people have been asking me lately if they find themselves in the Beaufort Sea and they see a polar bear swimming towards them how can they know if it's a wild bear coming to kill them or one of the Canadian rescue bears coming to save them . The Canadian rescue bears do wear a red caparison with the Canadian flag on the left and the text "rescue bear" on the right but you're not going to be able to see that while it's swimming towards you - especially not when you're in the process of drowning in icy cold waters .

What I tell people is just assume that is one of the rescue bears because if it's not you're screwed anyway and if it is you don't want to flail or try to get away or whatnot . When you're in the Beaufort Sea and you see a polar bear swimming towards you just let it happen - whatever it is . But if it makes you feel better it probably will be a rescue bear , the chances of a wild polar bear being nearby are pretty slim . Unless the reason you're in the water is because one was chasing you .

Young people often ask me "How do be great at sex like you 40 ?" and the truth is I don't know . I don't know how young people can be better at sex but I do know why the people of today are terrible at it - they just smash and splooge and back to the Crown . And the reason is because they don't make mixtapes and making sweet , sweet love to a fancy lady is just like making a mixtape .

We all learned the rules back in the day and if you didn't High Fidelity told them to you . You gotta kick off with a killer , to grab her attention. Then you got to take it up a notch , but you don’t wanna blow your wad , so then you got to cool it off a notch . But that's not even the most important bit , the key to a good mixtape (and making sweet , sweet love to a fancy lady) is knowing your audience . We've all been there , back in the day , some is like "check out this awesome mixtape I made !" Buzzing noise , wrong ! It's only awesome in the context of for whom/what it was made . It can still be good otherwise but the key is the focus on the subject . You gotta give the people what they want .

So yeah , it's not like you can start making mixtapes young people so , good luck I guess .

There was a ad I caught last night for matchdotharmonydotcupiddotplentyoffish and in said ad a dude said he was looking for a woman who was "trusting" . Not trustworthy , trusting . Which to me is basically like saying "I need someone I can lie to" . Being trustworthy is a good trait . Being trusting is a neutral trait at best .

Somehow a bunch of my cousins on the one side of my family turned out to be hippies and they're always telling me parables about how trusting everyone all the time is the best . Friggin' marks . Guess how many times they've been robbed blind .

Speaking of , someone asked me the other day why I'm so nice to idiots . And the reason is simple , I'm an idiot and I want people to be nice to me so why wouldn't I do the same to my fellow idiots ? It's not our fault we're idiots , everyone would choose to be smart if they could obviously , but that's not how it works . Plus just because someone is an idiot doesn't mean they're a bad person .

Fun fact Match has over 90 million registered users and less than 1 million active users .

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